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New release book Seachange @ Work

Written by Linda James. Posted in Blog

seachange at work book cover


Seachange @ Work brings ancient wisdom and energy techniques into the modern workplace to reshape your work habits, rejuvenate the work environment and create more personal energy. Learn how to track and manage your energy levels, be your true self at work, have energised working relationships and a supportive environment and more.  Just small adjustments bring authentic, positive change and increased energy to your working day and beyond.

  • Enhance the positive energy in your workplace and reduce any negative energy.

  • Discover what drains and what increases your energy level.

  • Understanding how your subtle energy system (chakras, auric field) is impacted each working day.

  • Learn how to reduce stress of peak hour travel.

  • Gain fresh insight into ‘The Energy of the Business’

  • Understand challenging work colleagues, and why you feel great around some people and energy drained around others.

  • Discover the positive effects of colour in your day and why you shouldn’t wear a black outfit every day.

  • Learn what essential oils, room sprays and gemstones/crystals are most effective in the workplace.

  • Appreciate the importance of being your authentic self at work and play.

  • Create your ideal working day by understanding the power of intention, the law of attraction.

Linda James draws on more than 30 years’ corporate management experience in England, Canada and Australia. She is a Certified Energy Healer, Holistic Counsellor and Transformational Life Coach, writer and teacher of inspirational courses.

Seachange @ Work is available through Our Shop on this website, Co-op Booksellers, The Awareness Institute in Crows Nest, Book Haven, Stocklands, Baulkham Hills, Aquarius Rising, Parramatta, New Moon, Castle Hill, Gnostic Forest, Woy Woy, and through Amazon, Book Depository, Bookworld, Booktopia, Collins Booksellers, Kinakunya, Holistic Pages, Angus and Robertson, Barnes and Noble and major online booksellers internationally, or as an ebook on Kindle or most ebook readers such as nook, kobi etc.  Can be ordered through most of your local booksellers.

A$19.95 Paperback —  free postage within Australia through this website.

A$6.99 ebook version via Mobi, Kobo, Nook etc

Book Reviews

5 stars



By susan dalby on December 22, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition

This is a fantastic book that introduces the idea of balancing energy in the workplace by facing the dynamics of a group situation. For me the "unsaids" and the energy or atmosphere that is a result of bystander apathy (another word for denial) in the workplace has always been the elephant in the room. No different to the family group only more complex.
In organizational coaching most approaches are cognitively based and poorly confront the larger part of the iceberg floating below the conscious mind of the group namely how our attitudes and moods impact upon the environment.. Linda takes us to places that need to be explored for business to grow and to create harmonious and interactive workplaces that bravely address evolving differences carried in the void. I am using this book in my workplace and the reflective approach in collaboration with introducing awareness of the body is very fruitful. The staff are having to confront aspects of themselves in a more honest and collaborative way. Since starting to use this book the level of positivity in the workplace which is incidentally a Dental Surgery has changed so much that patients are being affected by the new feel of the place. Wonderful book for those brave enough to embrace change and see it as it evolves which it does very rapidly.



5 stars


Highly recommend!,


By Lifelong Reader Jody Haywood, November 26, 2014


What I loved most about this book is how practical it is. So many books have interesting philosophies and ideas but they don't easily translate into practical exercises you apply immediately to your life. Highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their work day experience.

 5 stars

Bring unconditional love into the mainstream


By Julia Adams True Nature Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Wellness Therapies 5 October 2014

A powerful and helpful read. I've worked alongside Linda as a teacher at the Awareness Institute, seen her in action as a facilitator and had profound healings from her to support my inner work and life quest. Support those working to bring unconditional love into the mainstream world in unconventional and unconditional ways - her book is also on Amazon. Many of you will understand how important it is to reshape our workplaces for the 21st century. x



5 stars

I loved it!

By Anne Freccero, Novelist, 15 September 2014.

Just finished to read your book Linda. I loved it! I was captivated in reading the chapters... to knowledge how much I and my surrounding friends and family build stress in the work place and life. And what to do to change this habit. I loved particularly chapter 2. I found easy to understand through the tables and drawings the functions of the chakras... I found very interesting the little window in the table where you mention for each chakra... 'You lose energy when you...' ... After reading it, I could apply it to few moments in my life where I lost control of my energy in some situations... and now understand in which chakra the energy was blocked. Colours of the Day, The Energy of Passion and Purpose, were very helpful to put in order the purposes muddled up in my head. In 3 words again. I love your book !... Now, I wait with anticipation for the next one...  I have few friends having a lot of stress at work at the moment and I think your book is the perfect Christmas gift.



Five stars


Congratulations Linda on an absolutely fantastic book!


By Karin Lonnon, 15 September 2014

Not only does it help us in our everyday life but especially for all us workers, who so often get overwhelmed with our daily, busy work life that there is no time to check in with our own health & well being.  You give us wonderful short exercises to pick ourselves up as well as great tips on how to make our lives smoother and more pleasant.

I can recommend it to all my friends. Keep it coming!



5    5 Stars


A great read for those who are looking for more energy in their day.


Reviewed by Samson September 2014

Format Paperback

 A great read for those who are looking for more energy in their business and in their working day. What I really like about this book is that it shows us that we can ‘see change at work’.
Chapter 3 ‘The Energy of the Business’ gave me new ways of looking at my business by connecting it to the chakra system. A refreshing and interesting concept.


5 stars


 There's something for everyone in this book


 By Ann E. Moore on September 16, 2014 Format: Paperback


 No longer part of the corporate world and wish this book had been available many years ago! Am now a mature age undergraduate student and Linda's techniques to help deal with the various daily stresses of the working environment translate perfectly into my new life at university with its own stresses of assignment deadlines, constant intellectual challenges, a considerable generation gap and a long commute. There is something for everyone in this book which is easy to read, understand ... and then implement the changes!


5 stars




Easy to read and interesting ideas and concepts



By Stevebbb on September 24, 2014  Format: Kindle Edition


 This book gives the reader the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’. Easy to read and interesting ideas and concepts. Written for the working day, however this book is also valuable for increasing energy in all areas of our lives. After reading the book I am much more conscious of my working environment and workplace relationships and how I can make simple changes or adjustments that really make a difference to the energy in my day.


 5 Stars

A Gem of a Book

By Anne Brand September 29, 2014

A gem of a book that is jam-packed with specific, practical, easy to follow tools and exercises from start to finish! Your working life will never be the same again if you follow the advice in this book. It touches all your senses with the use of oils, essences, colour, crystals, and sound – a veritable mini energy course for everyday life. The complexity of energy systems is simply and clearly explained; so that you understand why, what and how you come to feel drained and lacking in energy at work. This provides you with the incentive to apply the tools provided to make you feel energised and ready to take on any new challenges in the workplace.

Some great insights on how your perceptions of people impact your energy levels. I especially loved the useful information on how to clear the negative energy that builds up in your surroundings and how to protect yourself from the energy vampires you find in every workplace – something that can be used outside of the workplace as well. It is obviously written by someone who has experienced first hand those same issues in the workplace.

A definite gift for friends and family that are stuck in soul destroying, energy sapping jobs. It is clear, simple, and one hundred percent practical. Do yourself a favour and read it!





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