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Energy Healing Techniques Workshop


Energy Healing Techniques Workshop

Written by Linda James. Posted in Workshops & Courses


Energy Healing Techniques Workshop Sydney 2018

The Seachange Within™ Energy Healing Techniques Workshops are developed for students of Energy Healing who would like to refresh their training or add more techniques to their ‘tool box’. They are also ideal for practitioners of other energy modalities or body work, Reiki, massage etc., who would like to add energy healing techniques to their skill base. People with a basic understanding of the chakra system, and the body’s subtle energy system, and who would like to learn more, would also enjoy this workshop.

In these practical workshops each student has the opportunity to act as the client and the practitioner, providing supportive feedback to each other. The activities throughout the day are balanced, paced, relaxed, fun, and scheduled to ensure opportunity for maximum learning and practice without getting tired.

The workshops consist of 2 parts. Each workshop is run over 2 days from 9am to 5 pm with lunch and morning and afternoon breaks.  Each technique in the workshops consists of explanation, demonstration, student practice and review. Techniques and procedures are supported by comprehensive take home instructions/notes.  Part 1 and Part 2 are space approximately a month a part to enable time to practice the techniques. Ideal when you want a energy healing short course.

The Seachange Within™ Energy Healing Techniques certificate workshops are accredited by the International Energetic Healing Association.

The workshops are eligible for IEHA membership points.

Workshop size is limited to 6 - 10 participants.

Workshop 1 is a prerequisite for Workshop 2.

The workshops are taught by myself, Linda James. My experience includes lecturer of Energetic Healing and Energetic Healing student clinic supervisor at Nature Care College for 11 years and Awareness Institute for 7 years as well as my experience as a practitioner since 1997.  I have been running Energy Healing courses and workshops as weekly programs and workshops since 2001. 

Part 1. – 2 days

Course content includes:

  • Setting intentions, focus and connecting with the energy
  • Setting up the practitioner space for self and client
  • Practical hands on techniques such as: Learning to sense and feel the chakras, the auric field and assess the physical bodyGentle Energy Balance Technique for Children and the Elderly
  • Basic Chakra Balancing Technique
  • Deep Chakra Balance Technique
  • Releasing Energy Flow Technique
  • Energy Flush Technique
  • Technique to ease back discomfort
  • Skeletal system energy flow and more 

 Part 2. 2 days

Course content includes:

  • Overcoming blocks in the meridian energy flow

  • Gentle energy techniques for face, TMJ, sinuses etc

  • Identifying and realigning misaligned chakra technique

  • Identifying and mending torn chakra, tear in the auric field/torn nadis technique

  • Easing headache technique

  • Fine tune the practitioner sensitivity

  • Identifying and releasing negative energy cords

  • Guided visualisation while healing

  • Balancing the energy with a pendulum

  • Working with crystals, colour and sound and more 

Total Duration: 4 days (2 days + 2 days)

Time: 9am to 5 pm each day


Seachange Within Energy Healing Techniques Workshop Part 1 (2 days) $250 

Seachange Within Energy Healing Techniques Workshop Part 2 (2 days) $250

Total investment for the 4 days $500.


Part 1. Saturday 10th March and Sunday 11th March 2018

Part 2. Saturday 14th April and Sunday 15th April 2018

 Location Our Sacred Space, 584 Old Northern Road, Dural, NSW

Sorry, places not available currently for the workshop in Dural.

Dates for the next workshop in Crows Nest will available shortly.


Or for more information please contact Linda on 0420 990 911 or email ' This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dates for other Sydney locations will be available shortly.


"Would just like to thank Linda James for a lovely 3 days at the centre.  Energetic Healing Techniques absolutely wonderful.  Great like minded souls, great insights, so much joy and love in the group.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to add more to their "tool box" . Thank you for a great course."

Bev Lewis 15 March 2015







































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